Design Sponge and Grace Bonny and Design Inspirations

Who doesn't love the inspirational design blog, Design Sponge! I have been reading it for years and just recently had the chance to chat it up with Design Sponge founder, Grace Bonney. We chatted about everything from her design icons to her "Living In" column. Read the interview below for an inside look at Design Sponge...

LAMPS PLUS: What is your design style?

GRACE BONNEY: I'd say it is sort of minimalist rustic style. Right now I'm really enjoying combining more hard-lined minimal metal and marble pieces with rough, unfinished wood.

Minimalist Rustic Style and Grace Bonny

LAMPS PLUS: Who is your design icon?

GRACE BONNEY: A mix of Martha Stewart, Dorothy Draper and the duo of Sid and Ann Mashburn. I love preppy.

LAMPS PLUS: What inspired you to start Design Sponge?

GRACE BONNEY: I wanted a place to talk about the things and people that I loved. I didn't think the indie designers I loved so much were getting the attention they deserved from the mainstream media, so I decided to celebrate them on my own.

LAMPS PLUS: How has the blog evolved over the years?

GRACE BONNEY: Well we've grown from a one-person site to a team of over 15 writers creating original content. The site was primarily just me talking about products and my life when I started and I'm proud that it's grown to be mostly about original ideas and projects.

LAMPS PLUS: One of my favorite columns on Design Sponge is "Living In." What is the process for selecting the movies and which "Living In" post is your favorite?

GRACE BONNEY: Thanks, Amy Merrick does a great job with that column. She mainly chooses the movies on her own, but we recently sent her a very long list of our full-time team's requests we've been dying to see.

I think my favorites are...

Living In: Clueless

Living In: Clueless

Living In: Marie Antoinette

Living In: Marie Antoinette

Design Sponge and Living In: The Parent Trap

Living In: The Parent Trap

Living In: The Darjeeling Limited

Living In: The Darjeeling Limited

LAMPS PLUS: What room in your home do you spend the most time in and what do you love most about the space?

GRACE BONNEY: The living room. It's open, airy and full of light. All of those things are a limited commodity in New York City so I cherish it.

LAMPS PLUS: What current design trend would you like to see stick around for a while?

GRACE BONNEY: Ombre. I can't get enough.

Ombre Trend

LAMPS PLUS: What is the best advice you have received in decorating your home?

GRACE BONNEY: Always edit. I think the less you have, the better. I used to clutter as a form of self-soothing until I realized all those things didn't make me happy. So I started working a little bit less, buying less and enjoying my life more.

LAMPS PLUS: Where does lighting make the most impact in your home?

GRACE BONNEY: For me, it's in the bedroom. I'm forever hunting down the best soft lighting that makes things look romantic and inviting, but is still bright enough to read by.

LAMPS PLUS: What are your current must-have Lamps Plus ceiling lighting picks?


Argento Antiqued Glass Corbett Pendant Light at Lamps Plus

Argento Antiqued Glass Corbett Pendant Light

Tetra Collection Tiffany Style 4-Light Chandelier at Lamps Plus

Tetra Collection Tiffany Style 4-Light Chandelier

Savoy House Boutique Mirror Chandelier at Lamps Plus

Savoy House Boutique Mirror Chandelier

Images: Design Sponge, Jamie Beck