Celebrity Powder Rooms

Designing great celebrity powder rooms is all about creating gossip and drama. That means, aim to make a space that everyone comes back to the dinner table talking about - playful, personal, and most definitely memorable. This royal powder room is illuminated floor to ceiling by silver-leafed glass tiles.

Jessica Alba's Powder Room

A powder room is the perfect place to take a risk. They're usually small, so you can go wild and experiment with bold colors, accessories, and wall coverings. Play with wallpaper, especially in unexpected places like the ceiling. I used Flavor Paper in Jessica Alba's powder room above. I love the drama of this black and white print!

Powder Room Design Ideas

Celebrity powder rooms also charm guests with great lighting. It should be prismatic and flattering, so experiment with angled mirrors and sexy styles like a Possini pendant. I'm crazy about the combo of this light fixture and the mirror relecting the pebbled wall in this West Hollywood powder room.

Heather Chandelier

A common theme in all my celebrity powder rooms is fantastic lighting. Be different, be funky, and make choices that reflect your personality. This dazzling Heather chandelier would be a knockout in any powder room. Also, try hanging fixtures somewhere unexpected, like behind the toilet or in a corner, rather than in the center of the room.

Blackboard Walls

Short on funds? Decoupage your walls with the pages of an old yearbook. Or, express yourself...with chalk! Use blackboard or chalkboard paint to cover the walls or just a section of your powder room, then leave brightly colored chalk for your guests to write personalized messages.

Circles Mirror Frame

Mirrors are a must in any powder room, so why not choose a great designer mirror like the Convex Circles Wall Mirror featured above (currently unavailable)? Try grouping multiple mirrors together or covering the walls with them. It won't be as frenetic in a small space.

Most importantly, stunning celebrity powder rooms always smell fresh and clean. Instantly create that vibe with Mrs. Meyers eco-friendly products and Manuel Canovas candles -  two of my must haves. Follow these tips and your guests will be sure to return to the party telling everyone, "You have to go check out the powder room!"

Images courtesy: Kari Whitman Interiors, Hammers and High Heels