Inside the Homes of Design Bloggers and a Bloomsbury Life

I have a long list of design blogs that I read everyday that offer tips and inspiration for designing your home. I am always curious to get an inside look into the homes of design bloggers. Do they incorporate their own design advice, what is their style, and how do they live?

Some bloggers use their blog as a creative outlet, but have other careers while others make a career out of blogging. So... don't be shocked if you see a huge home owned by a blogger (and run home to start your own blog) because their home may be financed by another career or spouce.

The house featured above is the home of Lisa Borgnes from A Bloomsbury Life blog. Check out this stunning staircase topped off with a beautiful chandelier and cherry blossom wallpaper. I am blown away!

LA in Bloom blog and Green Home Office

Who couldn't work from home with an office like this! Heather Taylor co-owns an art gallery and blogs about her daily inspirations on LA in Bloom.

Inside the Homes of Design Bloggers and Mint Loves Social Club blog

I love it when a loft feels like a home - comfortable and warm! Natalie and her husband live in a loft in Downtown Los Angeles. She currently works for a fashion company in licensing, but she can't ignore her passion for interiors. Her blog, Mint Loves Social Club, documents everything from florant arrangements, beautiful events (they love to throw huge themed parties at their loft) to home inspiration and decor.

Light blue dining room design and maison21

Christian May is the interior designer behind the design blog maison21. If you missed your favorite design event, there is a good chance Christian covered it on his blog (he is very social when it comes to industry events). Being an interior designer, his blog is heavily focused on interior decor (which is why I love his blog). Christian's own home definitely reflects his fun and playful vibe on maison21. Case in point, check out the backs on his contemporary dining room chairs!  I also love how the large chandelier really commands the space.

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peak inside the homes of a few of my favorite design bloggers!

Images: Christian May