Modern Room Design

Modern monochromatic rooms don’t need to be cold and sterile. I think this decorative play between an older room and modern furnishings is beautiful. One way this type of room stays comfortable is that it is filled with soft furnishings and curved lines. Avoiding sharp corners and edges makes a room soothing and feminine. The color scheme makes it more masculine and zen-like. While we can help you achieve a similar look, naturally, it’s your job to find the right room!   

Decorating in Older Homes

This is a similar room, with some variation. The room has a much more ornate ceiling which makes the contrast between the room and furnishings even more noticeable. One way you can “cheat” this look would be to have ornate and very large chandeliers in lieu of an ornate ceiling.

Chrome Floor Lamps

Both rooms use a large scale chrome floor lamp. Having chrome lighting offsets the plush furnishings and flooring. A nice contrast, don’t you think? Also, it mimics the lines of the curved seating.

Round White Tables

Both rooms also have a mid-century influenced, white round tables. Whether they are dining or side tables, they reinforce the overall design.

Swivel Chairs

This white swivel chair envelopes you like a space-age wing back chair. The timeless Mid-Century design is very “of the moment.”

White Slipper Chairs

This is a more basic white slipper chair. It’s not as stylized as the swivel chair above, but does replicate and is reminiscent of the room above.

Small Accent Tables

Small Ottomans

A wonderful and inexpensive way to fill a space along these monochromatic rooms is through the use and placement of small round tables and ottomans.     

Kitchen Barstools

There are ways in which you can infuse modern white elements in your home assuming you don’t want to commit to an entire room like the one above. What about white kitchen bar stools?

White Ceiling Fans

Or, how about updating your ceiling with modern white ceiling fans with lights?

Regardless of how you go about doing it, the modern white room can still be a place of rest and relaxation.

Images: EclecChic