Kim and Jo from Design to Inspire

Desire to Inspire founders, Jo and Kim, are two very talented ladies who live across the world from each other. They met while trading images on Flickr and developed such a strong bond that they created a blog together. You can find a wide range of interior and architectural inspirational images from around the world on their blog. They are also known for their very fun Monday feature - Pets on Furniture.

LAMPS PLUS: What is your design style?

JO: Eclectic boho. I love a mix of old and new, tribal, and industrial.

KIM: I don't really have a style. My favorite combo is vintage-industrial-Scandinavian-modern.

LAMPS PLUS: Who is your design icon?

JO: Australian wallpaper and textile designer Florence Broadhurst. A woman ahead of her time. Eccentric, flamboyant, talented, and driven. Her body of work is undergoing a renaissance these days including in Kate Spade's latest range.

KIM: I really admire Kelly Wearstler. She does not follow trends, is very creative with her spaces, loves anything bold and outside of the box, and just has a funky vibe about her.

Living Room Design by Kelly Wearstler

LAMPS PLUS: What is your favorite new design trend?

JO: Ethnic. I love the texture, the graphic nature, the history.

KIM: I love ethnic touches in a home. I think this is becoming more and more popular as it easily warms up a modern space. I have a kilim rug in my kitchen during the winter (under my dining table) and it makes the space much more comfortable and cozy.

LAMPS PLUS: How many hours a day do you spend scouring the internet for the perfect home inspiration images?

JO: It's almost a full-time job. I spend at least 20 hours a week sourcing and many more doing the nuts and bolts of writing.

KIM: I spend more of my time writing up posts, answering e-mails, and managing the advertising than scouring the internet (unfortunately because finding awesome spaces is my favorite part!). I'd say it's about 4 hours a week of research and about 2-3 hours each day on maintenance.

LAMPS PLUS: What has been your most popular post on Desire to Inspire?

JO: My most popular post is about a clever set of stairs that contained drawers. It was picked up on Reddit and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people have read it.

KIM: "A Completely Renovated First Apartment". This post ended up on Stumbleupon and has been a huge hit ever since - so far it's received 408 comments!

Stair Storage

Renovated Modern Apartment

LAMPS PLUS: How did your Monday's Pets on Furniture series come about?

KIM: The Pets on Furniture posts started several years ago because every once in a while I would publish a photo of my cat sitting on my furniture. I am a huge animal lover and have 7 cats, so animals are a big part of my life. Our readers slowly started sending in photos of their own pets on furniture and we soon began receiving enough photos that I decided to have it become a regular feature. It's been a hit ever since.

Kim from Desire to Inspire and Home

LAMPS PLUS: What is the best design advice you have ever received?

JO: "Just do it" and "A room has to have personality, preferably yours."

KIM: The best design advice I received was to really think about your lifestyle and how you use your space before buying furniture. I have lots of cats, so buying a sofa or blankets with a lot of weave to them is a big no-no because it's SO difficult to remove fur. If you have kids, perhaps a sharp edged glass coffee table is not the smartest purchase because your kids will end up with lots of bruises and you will be forever cleaning finger prints.

LAMPS PLUS: Kim, I am so in love with your kitchen remodel/design! Any tips for people on the fence and nervous about taking the leap to renovate their kitchen?

KIM: I am not a designer and had never undertaken a large renovation project before, so the kitchen remodel was a bit scary in the beginning, but it was SO worth it in the end. I am much happier using this kitchen than the previous badly laid out and mouse infested kitchen (yes, we found lots of evidence of mice when we gutted the space). The folks at Greentea Design (where the cabinets came from) were very helpful and provided me with 3-D mockups, so I could really visualize the space and see if the design was going to work. That made the process MUCH easier. Modeling tools are unbelievably helpful. If the idea of a kitchen remodel is too scary, hire a kitchen designer. They do all the dirty work and you get to sit back and watch magic happen.

Eclectic Kitchen Renovation

LAMPS PLUS: Lighting makes such a big impact in the home. What is your favorite over-the-top chandelier?


Modern Crystal Chandelier

Vienna Full Spectrum 18-Light Crystal Galore Chandelier (no longer available)


Modern Black Chandelier

Bohemian Black Art Crystal 6-Light Chandelier (no longer available)

This isn't exactly over-the-top, but I'd LOVE to splurge on a chandelier like this. I am a huge fan of black and this fixture is classy without being too sparkly and over powering.

Thanks Jo and Kim!

Images: Desire to Inspire, Kelly Wearstler