Dwell on Design 2012 Recap

Did you miss Dwell on Design this year? Good news, we have pictures and a full recap from the event! Like most years, the modern outdoor exhibits are very popular. The G-Pod drew quite a crowd. It is a rotating pod complete with a modern outdoor light that is made for relaxing in your backyard. The garden trellises were another hit at the design event. And... of course the bubble stuctures had a lot of curious designers snapping pictures and asking lots of questions.

Kohler and Dwell on Design

A few other highlights included the Pop Arch exhibit. Carlo Caccavale, creates works of art from photos he has taken with his iPhone. The photos are usually detail shots of famous buildings and exteriors that we all know. Many visitors gathered around the Kohler display. They were showcasing their new partnership with design superstar Jonathan Adler.

Voila! Gallery at Dwell on Design

Avant-garde furnishings and art reminded you that you were at a progressive design event. Voila! Gallery participated in Dwell on Design for the first time this year. The owner was concerned their dark aesthetic may not fit in with the other vendors, but they stayed busy all day! Many art and design schools were present at Dwell on Design. Students from Woodbury University made a whole installation out of paper airplanes - cool!

Modern Family at Dwell on Design

Even kids are cool at Dwell on Design. The modern family booths focused on creating innovative and creative solutions to ordinary products such as storage furniture, chairs, and even campers. In a world that has become focused on technology and the internet, design ideas are easily shared and copied. So new trends are definitely focused on original ideas and one-of-a-kind products. Many retailers are producing their own products and making their products customizable.

Who attended Dwell on Design this year? Below are a few talented creatives I ran into at the event!

Designers at Dwell on Design

(From left to right: Michael Sylvester, organizer of Dwell on Design; Minh Tran, graphic designer and Ted Dahle; John Saint-Denis, design curator and Carlo Caccavale, Associate Director of AIA Los Angeles; and Steve Jones of bettershelter)

I definitely feel inspired having attended Dwell on Design last weekend. Until next year!