Staying Organized During Home Remodeling

This week we checked in with Steve Jones of bettershelter to see the progress of his traditional bungalow project. Everything was coming along nicely and he even had a calendar displayed to help everyone stay organized and on schedule during the process of home remodeling. I am sure many can attest to the frustration that comes along with construction; things can easily get out of control and over budget. Steve seems to have everything under control and has flipped closed to 50 homes, so he definitely knows the importance of staying organized. We asked him to share his top 5 tips for being efficient and organized during construction.

Renovation Tips with bettershelter

1. PRACTICE THE SEVEN P'S: Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance!

2. CHECK IN ON THE PROJECT OFTEN: Check in on the project as much as possible, there are a million questions and decisions to be made on a daily basis. Especially if you have not worked with your contractor much, he wants to make sure you are happy and sometimes he will wait for questions to be answered. Your project will move much faster when you are present! And the results will be way better.

3. HAVE A CALENDAR: Create a timeline with your contractor and have it posted BIG on the jobsite. It will keep YOU on calendar. Look at it and put critical milestones in your own phone, etc. to anticipate things.

4. HAVE ALL MATERIALS AT JOBSITE WHEN NEEDED: For example, I order all my plumbing supplies at the very beginning of the job, I spend a bit more money at the outset, but then I deliver all the rough when needed and then the trim when needed. Better to have ready then waiting for it to be delivered.

5. HAVE A STAGING/STORAGE AREA: Have an off-site location where all your fixtures, etc. can be stored, labeled, and organized. Do not leave at the job site; they will get ruined, thrown away or stolen. Deliver as needed. You get to feel like Santa Claus when dropping things off!

Construction Timeline

Thanks Steve! We will definitely remember to plan early and purchase our traditional wall lights, plumbing fixtures, and other needed materials early and also keep a calendar on site. To see the before pictures of Steve's Hollywood project, check out Renovation Ideas - Bettershelter Traditional Bungalow: Part 1.