East Coast Style Summer House

While the Jersey Shore makes some think of Snooki and bad behavior, I think of chic East Coast Style. Like the Hamptons, the Jersey Shore can offer some of the best in easy summer decor. This glorious shingle style home is classic Americana. Large windows let in the summer sun, while Colonial-Style quality outdoor light fixtures act as beacons on the coastal facade. I love the old-school post light fixture at the entrance, it’s so Colonial Williamsburg.

Traditional East Coast Lighting

The traditional outdoor post light is an East Coast standard. From Cape Cod to the Carolinas, this light is timeless.

Outdoor Summer Decor

Summer decor is all about making interiors relaxed and ready for easy entertaining. All-weather fabric is essential for outdoor furniture. I’m sure bare feet are welcome on this balcony. If not, time for new friends!

Summer Cotton Throw Pillows

Summer fun also includes everything boat related. These cute nautical pillows are great for casual family rooms and especially as accents on outdoor furniture.

Summer Decor for Living Rooms

Not that I would ever take a lazy afternoon nap, but if I did, here is the spot! Sophisticated coastal style, what could be wrong with that? Notice how I almost fooled you about taking a nap?

Traditional East Coast Kitchen Design

This is the perfect summer kitchen. The classic white kitchen cabinets are in keeping with East Coast Style and the bold summer colors of the well-designed kitchen bar stools remind me of the sea. Admit it, you can already the smell the coffee and pancakes! So, do you have a new opinion of the Jersey Shore? 

Images: Coastal Living, photography Rick Lew