Formal Foyer

Designing a formal foyer is a way to infuse a dose of fancy into your home. A fancy makeover need not be fussy. I’m not talking about donning spats and taking a box at the opera fancy, rather a design approach that embraces timeless items against a clean backdrop which lets the objects shine.

The vignette above is a great example of how to get the look: it displays traditional furniture like the bamboo chairs and a marble-top console table and ornate gold lighting with a more contemporary mirror and decorative sea fans. The crisp white walls keeps things from getting too la-di-da! Another way to keep a formal space from becoming too serious is by including avant-garde entryway chandeliers or designer area rugs in simple, neutral tones.  

get the formal foyer look

Formal foyers should also be practical spaces that offer guests a place to place bags and gifts, as well as a place to primp with proper lighting (alliteration is always fun in a post, but not a must-have for your foyer). Here are some of the ideal objects that will work when designing a formal foyer:

1. Metropolitan Wall Sconce: a glamorous way to add flattering mood lighting at eye-level.

2. Antique Gold Twisting Mosaic Mirror: let your guests catch a glimpse of their fabulous selves in your fabulous foyer.

3. Renaissance Table Lamp: brings a little tabletop bling.

4. Uttermost Caissa Console Table: the perfect place to put down purses and presents.

Remember, to design a formal foyer, get the look with black and gold; French-style lighting and furniture; and a simple monochromatic backdrop.

Image credit: Savvy Home.