Design trend - Chinoiserie decor

I love Chinoiserie decor. Why, you ask? Well, is there anything prettier? More playful or timeless? I think not. The use of Chinoiserie design has been around since trade opened up to the Orient hundreds of years ago, and right now it has definitely come back as a design trend. The Eighteenth Century English could not get enough blue and white china to fill their country houses, and today, use of Chinoiserie can apply to just about everything from wall coverings and furniture to decorative throw pillows and ceramics

Chinoiserie Decor

 Uttermost Golden Voyage Wall Mirror  Gold Finish High Bamboo Tray Table Pagoda Verde Iron and Glass Candle Lantern

Like anything else, too much can get theme-y, but a few choice items can make a room. As seen in the living room image above, a fresh contemporary color scheme is a great backdrop to Chinoiserie design.   

Asian Inspired Lighting

 Metropolitan Asian Man Two Light Right Wall Sconce.

A way to include Chinoiserie is by going less preppy and more exotic. Blacks and gold are another great way to use this style. I’m mad for the tortoise mirror which adds atmosphere. Any dark, decorative mirror could work just as well. Ornate gold sconces do not need to look fussy when used in a small intimate space. Think of them as jewelry!  

To sum it up, some key Chinoiserie decor elements include pagoda-style anything, nature scenes with birds and flowers on walls and china, and pops of exotic black and gold.

Photos: Mix and ChicChinoiserie Chic.