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Blogger Jonathan Lo of Happy Mundane has gained a loyal audience by keeping things simple, and sharing little glimpses of beauty discovered in the mundane. As Jonathan puts it, "Happy Mundane is a blog that celebrates the ordinary and the extraordinary, good design of any kind, and takes a moment to appreciate some things that get overlooked in the everyday." Jonathan's experience as a designer and creative director are evident in the carefully curated aesthetic on every facet he touches, from his blog to Pinterest to Instagram.

Designer, creative director, television contributor (and of course, blogger) Jonathan is here today to share his thoughts on the value of using Pinterest; tips for decorating small spaces; and the beauty of unique design touches in the home.

LAMPS PLUS: You're very active on Pinterest, and have an admirable following of over a million people. How has Pinterest been useful in your everyday life as a blogger, art director, and designer?

JONATHAN LO: Pinterest has been such an amazing source of inspiration and ideas (not to mention how addicting it is!) I've been introduced to so many new things that I don't think I'd ever have found on my own. It's also been great to see all the different curated collections of images that people I admire and am inspired by have created.

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LP: As an expert on HGTV's "Small Space, Big Style", you've proven that you know how get the most out of a small room. What's the number one thing you see homeowners doing incorrectly with small space design? 

JL: Well, I wouldn't necessarily say that people do "wrong" things, since really there are no real "rules" when it comes to decorating a space. However, I've found that it can be really easy for people to not really take advantage all the spacial opportunities a room has, such as maximizing the height or width of the room. 

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LP: What mind-blowing tip can you offer homeowners to revolutionize how they decorate small spaces?

JL: If you have a small space, the easiest thing to do is to declutter. Simply removing the amount of things that can distract your eye can immediately make your room feel bigger. Another easy tip is to install floor to ceiling curtains around your windows. They'll draw your eyes up and make your room feel taller. 

Blogger Jonathan Lo's dog Pepe

LP: Your blog is all about celebrating the beauty in the everyday. What's one daily detail that you take time to appreciate?

JL: I'm fortunate to have an awesome little dog (Pepé) that requires I take him on walks several times a day. The time during those walks always brings opportunities to appreciate simple beauty, whether it's the morning dew on the grass to just the warmth of the sun on a clear day. 

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LP: Fill in the blanks: the most meaningful object I have in my home is _______because ________.

JL:The most meaningful objects would be a pair of black salt and pepper shakers that Jerome Ackerman made for me. Jerome and his wife Evelyn are amazing designers that helped shape the "California modern" aesthetic of the 50's and 60's. At a recent retrospective show of their work, I was able to meet them and consequently had the honor in working with them on a project. Jerome (now in his 90's) had stopped doing ceramics for several years but he fired up the kiln again and made me a special pair just for me that I will always cherish.

Blogger Jonathan Lo's home decor pick from Lamps Plus 

LP: What's one distinctly "Jonathan" touch in your designs?

JL: I always appreciate a little something unexpected in every room. This sculpture inspired by the iconic thimble game piece from Monopoly board game (no longer available) would fit the bill nicely.

 Image credits: @happymundane on Instagram