5 fall decorating ideas for a cozy home - pillows

Warm, breezy summer days are quickly disappearing in favor of cool weather, crisp breezes, and changing colors. (At least, I hope so somewhere...we're still having a heat wave in California!) Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, when shorts are switched out for sweaters and swimsuits are swapped out for scarves. And while it's easy to exchange summer fashions for fall ones, decorating the home for the season is often overlooked. Here are my top 5 fall decorating ideas to create a cozy home:

1. Bring out the pillows and throws. Home textiles in autumnal hues and rich textures definitely bring a cozy feeling to interiors. A cashmere or chenille throw blanket tossed over the arm of a sofa, and a pair of richly-patterned pillows can instantly change the look of your space for the season.

warm LED lighting ideas

2. Warm up your lighting. Light bulbs all have different color temperatures, noted on their packaging and measured in degrees Kelvin (or "K"). Color temperature is what makes the light emitted from a light bulb appear "cool" (with a blueish hue) or "warm" (with a yellowish or red hue).  Color temperatures over 5000K will be a cool white; while color temperatures from 2500-3000K will appear much warmer. Try exchanging your too-cool light bulbs for a standard warm LED lightbulb, a warm LED chandelier bulb, or a dimmable PAR30 LED light bulb.

fall decorating ideas - use heavy curtains

3. Swap out breezy curtains for weightier ones. Exchange your dreamy drapes and summery sheers for window coverings with more weight. Heavy linen and velvet are great choices for colder weather. For extra warmth and coziness, have your curtains lined in flannel to keep drafts at bay.

tabletop decor for fall decorating 

4. Introduce tabletop decor in fall colors and textures. The tabletop is a great place to play with seasonal styling, since decorative accents for entertaining and dining are relatively inexpensive. It's easy to introduce table linens, dishware, and decor in fall hues and textures that will bring a warm ambiance to your home.

pumpkin spice latte and pumpkin pie for fall

5. Don't forget to appeal to your other senses. While updating your decor will definitely give you a cozy home for fall, decorating ideas can go beyond the obvious! Appeal to all of your senses by introducing fall scents and flavors too. A nutmeg-infused air freshener, a fresh-baked pumpkin, pie, and a cool breeze rustling the curtains all work in harmony to create an appealing autumn ambiance.  

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