How to Layer Light for Fall Ambiance

Regardless of the season, I think it’s critical that one learns how to layer light. Fall ambiance, however, is probably on your mind, and can be achieved in your home by following a few simple rules. Naturally the sun sets earlier so an interior lighting scheme is more important this time of year. 

Because fall decor is all about warm browns, oranges, rust and yellows, your lighting needs to be plentiful enough to offset the deeper, rich tones. Make sure to have these types of lighting: direct, task, as well as ambient. The best and most varied plan should include desk and table lamps, chandeliers or lanterns, sconces, and if you can, recessed lights. 

No matter what type of lighting you use, try to make sure they all have dimmers. Trust me, we all look better and younger in dimmed light. Furthermore, it’s cheaper to add dimmers than to go under the doctor’s knife!  

Decorating for Fall

I love the use of brushed nickel and chrome to add some sparkle to the dark tones of this autumnal bedroom. They have used a table lamp for reading, sconces to illuminate the walls and a low slung lantern ceiling light for overall illumination.

Polished Nickel Lighting

1. Robert Abbey Porter Polished Nickel Floor Lamp 2. Robert Abbey Polished Nickel Pharmacy Desk Lamp (no longer available) 3. Arlington Double Light Nickel Wall Sconce (no longer available)

If you don’t have room for end tables by a chair, sofa or bed, floor lamps are a perfect solution to add task and indirect light. The room in the first image is great example. Because there is no room between the sofa and desk for an end table, voila, a floor lamp comes to the rescue.  

Living Room Lighting

Here is the general anatomy of how to layer light in a room to create fall ambiance.

Image credits: The Adventures of Tartan Scot.