Elegant Chandeliers
Design fads come and go, but glamorous, eleganct chandeliers are forever. Trust me, I had metallic wallpaper and brown shag carpet in the 1970s, so I know from what I speak. Chandeliers can render us speechless with their dazzling display of light, and can look amazing in both traditional as well as contemporary rooms.
It is assumed that when people discuss elegant dining room lighting they mean chandeliers. Chandeliers defintely add an element of elegance to dining! But they don't have to be limited to just one room. Keep scrolling to see how fabulous chandeliers can look in every room of the house.
Eelgant Bathroom Chandeliers
As little time as we tend to use our dining rooms, why not consider some sparkle in the bathroom - heaven knows we’re there every day! The Schonbek Silver Gold Six Light Chandelier pictured above is timeless.
Empire Style Chandeliers
One of my favorite style chandeliers must be the Empire. Empire chandeliers, like the Murray Feiss Dutchess Silver Chandelier pictured, always look good without being too over-the-top. I love that they originally were meant to be portable, folding in on themselves for easy transport...obviously before electricity. Dream.

Unusual Chandeliers

Elegant chandeliers can also come in unconventional designs and in unexpected rooms! A kitchen chandelier? One shaped like a ship or in an Art Deco form? Elegance in any way, shape or form is still elegance.

Photos: Paloma 81.