Bar Cart Ideas

Bar carts started popping up in the pages of shelter magazines a few years ago, and now it seems like they're everywhere. This spirited decor element is indeed a great way to display glassware, cocktail ingredients, and other entertaining supplies, but the thing I like most about it is how much personality you can pack into just a few versatile square feet. From the cart you choose to the items you place on it, every detail can be carefully edited. What's more, you can easily switch it up on a whim! 

Cocktail Display for Entertaining

When styling your bar cart take into account factors such as your entertaining style (Frequent host? Save plenty of room for alcohol bottles) and your attitude towards clutter (Hate it? Go for just a few elegant decanters on a tray.) Create a signature 'house beverage', complete with a color scheme and swizzle stick motif, and keep the makings on hand for visitors. Of course, a shelf with a handful of favorite liquors and some high balls at the ready is often "bar cart" enough.

Also consider the option of a sometimes bar car that serves another purpose when the guests go home. Just like any other storage unit, a bar cart or tray simply creates a boundary for corralling bits, bobs, and doodads. A tray table serves as a handy hall display for books and flowers when it's not serving up Manhattans. Similarly, a dishware cart requires only a little rearranging to become a full-service gin and tonic station. As with everything else in your home, the bar cart is a space for play and creativity. Cheers!

 Images: Lamps Plus Guest Blogging Pinterest