Cute Dog and Designer Dog Beds for Any Decor

For a while now, one of the hottest accessories season to season has not been a handbag or a pair of high heels, it's been the cuddly companion right by your side.  Celebs like Blake Lively, Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson tout their furry friends around wherever they go.  Having dogs all my life I know that, celebrity or not, our pooches usually get the most pampered treatment in the house!  

Providing the pooch with a designer dog bed is just one of many ways to show them just how much you care.  However, for most of our loyal readers, not just any dog bed will do.  Us design minded individuals want our dog accessories to be chic and stylish while also fitting in with the aesthetic of our home.  Whatever your style may be, there is a designer dog bed for any decor.

Designer Dog Bed Decor Bachelor Pad

The bachelor and his dog both love lounging in sophisticated, masculine spaces.  Dark walls, sleek accessories and leather accent make up the bachelor aesthetic, which is perfectly complimented with the stylish, mid-century inspired leather dog bed.

Designer Dog Bed for Coastal Seaside Decor

Whether your primary residence, or your weekend getaway, your beachside home's designer appeal should never be compromised just because you want to travel with puppy in tow.  With a natural cream base and bold blue accents, the perfect dog bed to have on hand is a nautically inspired one.  No matter where your dog chooses to lounge, their dog bed will fit right in with your stylish, coastal decor.

Designer Dog Bed for Eclectic Funky Decor

These super fun homes are just bursting with color, pattern, texture and style.  With cultivated collections of furniture and accessories from travels around the globe, these eclectically chic spaces are perfectly suited for a fun, loud dog bed. A  bobcat print dog bed will compliment and enhance any funky space. 

Images: Elle Decor, Interiors4Men, ClipSpringerDecorDemon