5 Ways To Use Navy Blue Decor

Navy blue can be taken for granted. Thus, I’ll show you 5 ways to use navy blue decor in your home so that it looks intentional and chic. Sure, the hot colors may be tangerine and it’s totally “in” to have gray interiors, but who do you always rely on when you want to dress up a pair of jeans...it’s your navy blazer, isn’t it? Pantone has declared "Monaco Blue" (a very close shade to navy) as the top fashion color for spring 2013, and this rich blue hue is easy to extend beyond fashion into your home.

Navy Blue Furniture

Navy blue chairs can be hot. Not only will they hide stains, they are a great way to introduce color without committing to a full-on blue sofa or bed. I love the Annabelle Mid-Century navy blue linen chair. The lines are modern but the deep blue upholstery keeps it timeless. 

Pillows are another way to introduce navy into your home. The trellis tangle navy pillow above will lighten a darker piece of furniture or add weight to a lighter item, like a white slip-covered sofa.

Navy Blue Rugs

I think navy rugs are great. Like darker furniture, blue rugs hide a multitude of sins and is a great backdrop for movement and pattern. The Caspian area rug above will brighten a room and at the same time add warmth.

Navy Blue Home Decor

You probably have never thought of navy blue when it comes to lighting, but blue glass mini pendant lights in a kitchen look great as do chrome sconces with deep blue shades. This Jewel Collection Blue Shade is a perfect example. The living room above is made much more interesting when you think about the unique design elements like the blue shade on a green lamp. Go Miles Redd!  

Naturally most homes now sport an ottoman. Tufted navy blue ottomans are very English and will never show scuff marks from your shoes or look out of place. So, if it’s good enough for the Navy, it’s good enough for my home!

Photos: TartanScot.