Decorating with Table Lamps and The Gourd Lamp

In the world of lighting, where there are almost many options as there are rooms to welcome them, it can be hard to know where to begin. But there's one style to which I often turn. It offers clean and classic appeal; it comes in a seemingly endless array of colors and finishes; and it fits into nearly any interior design scheme. Yup, I'm talking about the gourd table lamp.

Bedside Gourd Lamp

Whether you're looking to provide subtle lighting in a neutral living room, add splash of color to a pair of small mirrored side tables in a multi-hued bedroom, or inject metallic glamour to an eclectic workspace, the gourd lamp is a brilliant bet. It derives versatility from a simple shape that becomes increasingly arresting with the addition of multiple gourds. For example, a stark midcentury office calls for a slim single gourd lamp, whereas a Hollywood Regency boudoir requires a voluptuous triple gourd for sure!

Interior Design Lighting with Table Lamps

When it comes to this style of lamp, there are plenty available at the lower end of the price spectrum; Robert Abbey in particular offers a vast selection. However, don't be afraid to invest as the gourd table lamp isn't going anywhere. They were a favorite of Albert Hadley, and today designers like Kelly Wearstler and Jonathan Adler use them as mainstays in their interiors. As the years go by and your tastes change, you can always incorporate the gourd into those evolutions. You won't regret a gourdguaranteed!   

Shopping Guide: 1. Triple Gourd Clear Glass Table Lamp 2. Haeger Potteries Ceramic Table Lamp 3. Ceramic and Brass Table Lamp 4. Robert Abbey White Gourd Lamp 5. Robert Abbey Table Lamp 6. Flower Vase Table Lamp 7. Blue Ceramic Table Lamp 8. Jonathan Adler Yellow Glass Table Lamp 9. Brushed Steel Table Lamp 10. Ivory and Gold Table Lamp 11. Mercury Glass Table Lamp 12. Metallic Gold Table Lamp

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