Simple Holiday Decorating Ideas

The holidays are some of the most beautiful months of the year.  And yes, even here in sunny California, we love to decorate for the holidays.  From sprucing up the house to a holiday dinner party tablescape, decorating for the holidays can range from simple and classic to boldly celebratory.  Adding small touches can make these get-togethers stand out and truly feel special for you and your guests.  Here we will let you in on three simple ways to inspire you to decorate for the holidays.

Holiday Decor Candles Festive Entertaining

CANDLES: Adding candles to your table and around your home during the holiday season is so easy, and really adds to the feel of the holidays. With the sun setting earlier during the winter, there is no more magical lighting than a sprinkling of candles.  From an intimate dinner party to a big holiday celebration, the beautifully glowing candle light really defines the mood of the holidays. Another lovely touch is to have a delicious smelling scented candle burning in your home, making the whole place smell like the holidays (just don't burn a scented candle on your dinner table as it will throw off the aroma of the food).

Flower Centerpiece Holiday Entertaining Decorating

FLOWERS: Entertaining throughout the year, it is not often that I will adorn the table with flower arrangements unless it is a very special evening.  During the holidays, adding arrangements not only to your dinner table but around the house really elevates the feeling of holiday time.  If you don't already have decorative vases for your flower arrangements, here is a little tip: any jar you by at the supermarket - jam, pickles, pasta sauce - can be washed out, the label can be steamed off, and these make excellent, rustic-chic flower vases. 

Thanksgiving Hanukkah Christmas Decorating Entertaining Holiday

COLORED ACCENTS: Certain colors are associated with the holidays.  Browns, ambers and sages for Thanksgiving; Reds and greens for Christmas; Blues, silvers and golds for Hanukkah.  Accenting your table and your home with holiday colors is a wonderful way to really embrace the holiday spirit.  You can use colorful dinnerware or napkins, get flowers in the colors of the holiday you are celebrating, or buy or make paper pom poms in specific colors, string them together and drape them throughout the house. No matter what accent you choose, it will make the gathering that much more special and meaningful during the holiday season.  

Any decorating you chose to do can be simple and fun, and I guarantee that both you and your guests will feel emerged in the holiday feel of this magical time of year.

Images: House Beautiful, Martha Stewart, Pintrest, Better Homes and Gardens