Wall Art Decor in the Kitchen

It's not fair. When it comes to wall decor, the kitchen is often overlooked, while living rooms and bedrooms get all the love. Because it's such a functional space, the desire to keep clutter to a minimum is understandable. However an abundance of wall art can nicely augment a few carefully chosen small decor items when you're looking to add personality to this busy center of the home. Don't let the kitchen become a forgotten room!

modern wall decor for the kitchen

As you would with any room in the house, take into account your preexisting style when selecting wall decor for the kitchen. Black and white photography feels clean and elevated, while touches of natural textures like wood and bone prevent the sensibility from becoming cold. For an even more relaxed and welcoming mood, watercolor is the way to go. Home accessories like decorative baskets and ceramics complement the casual air that watercolor provides, while gunmetal furniture keeps the look grounded in sophistication. And most importantly, the kitchen no longer feels neglected!

Shopping Guide, Photography Inspiration: 1. Modern Black and Chrome Dining Chair (currently unavailable) 2. Faux Antler Wall Mirror 3. Natural Wood Candle Holder 4. Edward Muybridge Elephant Print Watercolor Inspiration: 1. Modern Gunmetal Dining Chair 2. White Ceramic Pitcher 3. Basket Candle Holder 4. Candy Matthews Persimmon Watercolor Art

Images: Lamps Plus Guest Blogging Pinterest