Chalet Style

Chalet Style reflects an ease and comfort unique to alpine living. Not that you need to live near the slopes to achieve the look, rather, a few key design elements are all you need to create this warm and cozy look. 

Chalet inspired interiors all share similar design motifs whether they are aesthetically traditional or modern. Because chalets tend to be in colder climates, you will generally find warm fireplaces inside as well as fire pits outside; ample amounts of fur or faux fur in rugs, pillows, and blankets; antler or iron lighting in the form of rustic chandeliers and animal themed table lamps; rustic wood walls, ceilings and accessories.

Finally, you will generally see loads of plaid featured on bedding, on window coverings, and on lamp shades. 

Chalet Decor

Regardless of how it is put together, these interiors are always warm and inviting. To me, they beckon with the knowledge that hot toddies are close at hand, a good book has been left close to the fire and that warm socks will thaw my frigid toes after a day on the slopes. 

Yes, the classic chalet has a specific Tyrollean charm that may not be appropriate for all homes. That said, most of us do want an element of warmth in our homes throughout the winter and for that reason alone you may wish to consider some aspects of Chalet style.       

Rustic Accessories

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Photos: Belgian Pearls.