Alternative Christmas Trees Cupcakes

Who says a Christmas tree has to be a...tree? For the apartment-dweller, holiday traveller, or pine-hater, pulling up your sleeves and making alternative Christmas trees can work wonders in making the season more personalized. These DIY holiday decor ideas are a fresh take on the traditional Christmas tree.

Styrofoam Cone Alternative Christmas Trees

If you don't have space in your place for a full 7' Douglas Fir, why not take a trio of Styrofoam cones (available at any craft store) and transform them into trees? Cupcake liners have been craftily used on the left, while some colored yarn and a hot glue gun is all you'll need to create the trees on the right. Top them with pompoms for bonus cuteness points!

Holiday Tree Desserts

For the foodie, make a tree you can eat! Holiday entertaining and dining has never been so sweet. Martha Stewart's gingerbread cookie tree on the left looks positively scrumptious, and the red velvet cupcake on the right would be the perfect way to spread a little Christmas cheer to the kids. (Kids? How about me? I love red velvet!)

Alternative Christmas Trees for the Wall

If you're tight on floor and table space, perhaps a DIY tree on the wall is more your style? An array of wall decals creates the illusion of a perfectly-shaped pine, while clear removable wall clips and string combine into a stylish tree that doubles as a Christmas card holder (just clip 'em on with clothespins!).

Recycled Wood Holiday Decor

If you're feeling extra-handy (or if you're allergic to a real tree), these two alternative Christmas trees made from vintage shipping pallets and driftwood are an eco-friendly option that you can use year after year. An imperfect Charlie Brown-style tree will definitely make your holiday decor fun, personalized, and memorable.

Image credits: Sweet Cupcakes and Treats; A Spoonful of Sugar Designs; Margot Potter; Martha Stewart; Cupcakes Garden; Wall Dressed Up; My Poppet; Monk and Honey; All Driftwood Furniture.