Styling A Beautiful Holiday Mantle

Styling a beautiful holiday mantle can be frustrating. A long, narrow space of about five feet by six inches...that’s all? Wait, I have to make it fabulous? Quite a task, but one I’m totally equipped to handle. Obviously we all have our own way of decorating for the holidays so I’m going to stick with some basic design aesthetics and show you what you need to style your mantle to perfection.

The Natural Mantle can be formal or casual, but they must all have a nod to the great outdoors. 

1. Have plenty of pine cones and natural greens. Don’t fuss about having the perfect garland. You may be able to snip off a few branches of the old Christmas tree and use them as a base.

2. Even of you prefer something formal, stay natural. Try filling vases with pussywillows or feathers to add texture.

3. This set of Two Pine Cone Taper Candle Holders will add just the right amount of mountain flair to a mantle.

4. Can’t find the real thing? Try this Cast Iron Rust Pinecone Stocking Holder to serve double duty as decorative and functional.

Vintage Christmas Mantles

The Vintage Mantle is timeless and sparkles. Lots of silver and mercury glass looks great in this application. Don’t forget to carry the sparkle to other parts of the room with details like glass lamps and mirrored furniture.

1. This Uttermost Cut Corner Antique Gold Wall Mirror can be propped up to reflect candles, silver dishes and other treasures perched on top of the mantle, plus it has the look of a great heirloom.

2. The Athena Glass Compote Bowl looks glamorous on a mantle and can be filled with ornaments as well as candles.

Modern Christmas Mantles

The Modern Mantle still shimmers but is more geometric and innovative. No need to make things symmetrical here, just have fun.

1. This Set of 2 Alanna Polished Mirror Candle Holders offer a unique modern shape to the classic candlestick.

2. Unconventional garland and modern hurricanes can look just as festive as greens and stockings.

3. Try filling your holiday mantle with a variety of candleholders but make sure they are all made of similar materials so it looks intentional.

Photos: House and Home, Southern Living, Three Pixie Lane, Houzz.