Free Printable 2013 Calendars from Design Love Fest

Happy New Year's Eve! If you weren't lucky enough to get a calendar covered in adorably cute puppies in your stocking, don't you worry - I've rounded up some great (and free!) printable 2013 calendars.

Above: If you've ever dabbled in the crafty collage-style creation of a mood board, this calendar from DesignLoveFest is perfect for you! (And it's my top 2013 pick.) Each month has a space at the top to stick inspiration images, notes, and other ephemera to create a custom design that suits you and your space.  

Free Printable 2013 Calendars from Breanna Rose

This pretty one-page DIY calendar design from Breanna Roseis meant to be printed, hung from a dowel, and adorned with accouterments - but you could also keep it really simple and frame it. The hand-painted succulent design would be perfect for anyone that enjoys gardening.

Free Printable 2013 Calendars from The Owl Barn

For the bird-lover, choose from more than 40 artist-illustrated owls to create your own custom calendar! The Owl Barn's Owl Lover 2013 Calendar is so cute I can hardly stand it. 

Free Printable 2013 Victorian Calendars

Are vintage designs more your style? I love that this Victorian printable calendar looks like it could be right out of the 1800's. (But don't worry, it's definitely designed for 2013.)

Free Printable 2013 Calendars from Creative Mamma 

This colorful, free printable 2013 calendar from Creative Mamma would be a colorful addition to your kitchen or office. This calendar has lots of room for writing and doodling - perfect if you want something functional and not just decorative.

Free Printable 2013 Calendars from The Twinery

Finally, The Twinery has an adorable polka-dot design that would bring the perfect amount of color to your wall. It's available in 8.5" x11", or half-size at 5.5"x8.5" for a cute mini-calendar that would be perfect for adding some confetti color to a grey cubicle wall. (And yes, I am looking at a grey cubicle wall right now that could really use a splash of color!)

Go forth and print your favorite calendars! And have a safe and happy New Year.