Interior Designers Weigh in on the Color of the Year

The luscious jewel-tone Emerald green was recently named Pantone's Color of the Year for 2013. Now that they've had a few weeks to work with it, what do interior designers and color experts really think of the 2013 hue?

Manja Swanson, Chief Creative Officer, Lamps Plus:

"Emerald is a great choice, as it’s versatile and an easily incorporated hue that brings a pop of color to your space. The quickest, easiest and most dramatic way to add a pop of the 2013 color is by changing your lampshades."

Jessica Colaluca, Color Expert,

"In the way Pantone is showing Emerald, the trend images are on the blue side of the hue and layer nicely with the very popular aqua and mint. Layering it with these colors enhances the hue's appeal as a trend color. I believe Emerald works best as an accent or layered into an analogous palette. Based on the trends I have been tracking, I called Enamel Blue as color of 2013 back in June. Enamel Blue can carry a space or wardrobe, or layer in into a diversity of palettes. It also works well with the very strong brass trend."

Christian May, Designer,

“Emerald green is an exciting and vibrant pick for color of the year. Too bad Pantone picked a gentle shade of jade instead.”

Dara Caponigro, Editor, Veranda Magazine:

“The Pantone color of the Year, Emerald, looks great on blondes and brunettes. I’m personally happy because, I don’t wear much color but I have a Lanvin dress in emerald that I love. It may be just the splash of color that we need.”

Cristin Bisbee Priest, Designer,

"This jewel-tone is quite a contrast from last year’s energizing, Tangerine Tango and personally I love the change. Rejuvenating, nurturing and harmonious, Emerald Green’s a tranquil hue that can be used in large or small doses and in any room. You can’t go wrong pairing it with analogous blues, complementary oranges or neutral greys. Embrace the new color of the year by adding an area rug, painting the walls, or upholstering a sofa in emerald or test the waters by adding emerald accents such as throw pillows, an upholstered chair or a lacquer box."

Beth Dotolo and Carolina V. Gentry, Designers,

"Emerald is one of those colors that is bold and fearless, yet completely comfortable and easy on the eyes. Since the color green is found everywhere in nature, Emerald is a color that you can ease into visually while still packing a punch. If our clients can commit, we'll go bold using paint or a graphic wallpaper in Emerald tones and ground it with whites, blacks, and grays. But, not everyone will want to take that plunge. For less of a commitment, you can always paint a piece of furniture in Emerald or simply accent with pillows, vases, and art in Emerald tones. After all, there will be a new 'Pantone Color of the Year' next year that we'll be dying to toy with."

Emerald Green: Pantone 2013 Color of the Year 

What do you think of emerald as the 2013 color of the year? Is this a hue you'll use in your own home? For ideas and inspiration on how to incorporate emerald into your decor, check out our Emerald Decor and Lighting board on Pinterest and start browsing emerald furniture, decor, and lighting on Lamps Plus

Image credit: via Pinterest (original source unknown).