Kick Kitchen Clutter

Kicking kitchen clutter should be high up on the New Year’s resolution list. Sure, we would all love to be 5 or 10 pounds lighter, but we can always hide those few pounds with clothes, not so with a messy kitchen! The most basic way to help clean up unwanted mess is to simply put things away. Open shelving makes it easy to clear counters and tidy up quickly. Not only are open shelves the style in modern kitchens today, they eliminate guesswork when trying to locate items.

Kitchen Design

Think vertically when trying to kick kitchen clutter. There is probably loads of space in your kitchen if you know where to look. Pot-racks are a great way to store pots and pans without taking up valuable cabinet real estate and the space above upper cabinets is perfect to display collectibles or infrequently used items. Another great benefit to using pot-racks is that the open design still allows your modern kitchen lighting to reach the work surfaces.

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Kitchen Storage Solutions

There is always a container to keep like items together and neat. Instead of leaving oil, vinegar and other spices on the counter, keep them together in a serving tray or platter. Sharp items should always be contained in their own drawer on in a butcher or knife block and baskets are a time-honored way to store produce like onions and potatoes.  

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Photos: House of Turquoise, House and Home.