Rainbow Lamps and Rugs for Kids

When choosing lamps and rugs for kids, you can include playful colors that you may not include in your living spaces as an adult. I always like to start a room with a colorful area rug, and then pull out the palette for the rest of the items in the room from there. When decorating for a child, you can go bold, and use vibrant bright lamps with the rest of the accessories.

I've picked out lamps from every shade in the rainbow that are perfect for a child's room, and paired them each with a fun rug.

Shopping Guide:
RED: Red Dot Accent Table Lamp, Trinbago Area Rug
ORANGE: Orange Table Lamp, Bloom Area Rug
YELLOW: Yellow Glass Table Lamp, Honeycomb Gold Area Rug
GREEN: Balloons Area Rug, Green Ovo Table Lamp
BLUE: Blue Swirl Glass Table Lamp, Blue Area Rug
PURPLE: Purple Cutie Accent Light, Hipster Multi Area Rug