Spring Porch Decorating Ideas

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Spring Porch Decorating Ideas


I love spring.


To help you get your outdoor spaces ready for spring....I have a few spring porch decorating ideas and tips.

Spring is the time of year when the world shakes off its doldrums and mother nature begins to don her coat of many splendid colors.  Spring brings with it joy and optimism and the promise of joy on the horizon.  Trees are budding and flowers are blooming and the sun shines down on a new day.

And sweet tea season begins.

That's right....porch season.  Sweet iced tea and fluffy pillows and bright colors and blooming flowers.....

.....and a really good book.

Spring Porch Decorating Ideas with Flowers


1.  Pops of Color

Neutrals are amazing and wonderful and I have a house full of them, but the porch is the place for color.

Keep it simple with brilliant shades of the rainbow in your choice of colorful accent pillows or an accent chair or even an outdoor ottoman.

Turquoise or orange or hot pink....mix these hues together or use one as a prominent accent color.....each is a perfect kick-off for spring.    


Orange and Turquoise Spring Porch


2. Step On It

Never underestimate the power of a rug.


Indoor/outdoor rugs in vibrant colors and patterns can make even the simplest of porches look magazine ready.

And here's a quick tip.....stretch your decorating dollars and add a unique stamp to your own design by layering rugs on the porch.


 Spring Porch Decorating


3.  Bring the Inside Out

One of the keys to decorating a porch is truly making it feel like home.

The same principles you might use to decorate an indoor room apply here. Add lamps and urns and planters and side tables and textiles.

And here's a quick tip.  One of my go-to looks for spring for the porch is......this incredible woven seagrass lampshade.

Lighting Ideas for the Porch


 4. Look Up

Don't overlook lighting for the porch, too.

Choose a statement piece with one large hanging lantern or hang them in pairs or groups of three for maximum impact.

Even a simple chandelier with clip-on shades makes the perfect addition to any porch.

Spring Decorating for the Porch

The snow may be falling right now.....but spring is on its way.

This is the season for adding color and rugs and lighting and bringing the outside in.

So why not start by putting a little "spring" in your porch....

....because sweet tea season is just around the corner!

Photo credits:  Photo 1:  Traditional Home  Photo 2:  bhg  Photo 3:  bhg  Photo 4:  bhg  Photo 5:  Traditional Home  Photo 6:  bhg

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  • Beautiful inspiration!  Glad that groundhog didn't see his shadow!

  • I have already removed the winter decor from the sun room and outside entry. Spring has made itself known in North central Florida for a wee bit now and I was ready for it. The dead brown sticks that were calling themselves trees and all of a sudden being covered in soft teeny green leaves... the azaleas are a blush of bright pinks and the dogwoods a creamy white. I am sooo ready for the sweet tea season.

    Hugs, Gee

  • Beautiful porches!  I have to wonder when I see these beautiful outdoor rooms, though, does it not ever thunderstorm and  get windy there?  Factor #1 here in NE Kansas is "can it withstand the weather?"  At least I can look and enjoy yours...and I do!

  • I can't wait for porch weather!  We just received 3 feet of snow in Massachusetts!

  • Wow!  Beautiful ideas.  We (sadly) don't have a front porch, but we have a very large patio.  

    These photos have given me some inspiration on how we might make some improvements to our outdoor living space.

    I am SO looking forward to Spring and Summer.


  • Love all the ideas! Checking out the woven lamp shade and who doesn't love hanging lanterns?!!

  • Gorgeous, gorgeous porches...porches have to be my favorite places to be...and these porches do not disappoint...so many wonderful ideas!

  • It's been gloomy and rainy and chilly here for days, so thanks for the spring inspiration!  Can't wait to get my screen porch up and running again!

    :) Linda

  • A beautiful outdoor space! I can’t wait to enjoy the outdoors. My patio is my most used space in the spring season. A great investment.

Spring Porch Decorating Ideas