Designer Essentials - Clocks

Let’s discuss how nobody discusses clocks? I think they are absolute designer essentials. We need clocks, we run our lives based on the clock and most of us wear a version of one on our wrists every day of our lives. Does anybody ever says, “Oh my god, I just got an amazing new clock!” Jewelry, yes.  Car, for sure. Clock? Never. Think about it, we can’t even cook without clocks...that is anything that requires cooking time. This underdog of the interior design world needs some loving.

Essential Wall Clocks

Wall clocks can be tricky depending on the room and decor. I find they are a kitchen staple, like milk, eggs and peanut butter cups. They can, however, look gorgeous in a foyer and large wall clocks can be very functional in a great room when kids need to know when it’s time for bed, to do their homework, or wash-up for dinner.

Pictured: Howard Miller Dorchester Wall ClockWhite Retro Round Metal Wall ClockKaleidoscope Round Framed Wall Clock

Nightstand Accessories and Clocks

Bedside clocks are as basic as beautiful bedside lamps. This is where practicality meets pretty. You certainly need a clock that can wake you up in time for work, but who wants the first thing you see in the morning to be an old clinker of a clock? Maybe it’s time to upgrade.

Pictured: Bulova Bellman Chrome Alarm Clock

Home Decor with Tabletop Clocks

Finally, for me, tabletop clocks tend to have a more vintage, heirloom feel. Whether you have one on your mantle or on some shelves, take care that it’s decorative, not necessarily functional. Who wants to see a digital alarm clock on a chest of drawers or in a bookcase?   

Pictured: Amesbury Gold Tone Bulova Carriage Clock, Howard Miller Albright Tabletop Clock

Designer Foyers with Clocks

Now here's how to use this designer essential well - simply stunning!

Photos: Habitually Chic, House of Turquoise.