Crystal Chandeliers in Unexpected Places

Clearly, you can put a crystal chandelier just about anywhere these days!  They are all at once timeless, modern, feminine, romantic and stunning.  Adding a sparkling crystal chandelier to your home, no matter which room, can really bring a wow factor to your space.  Below we will first find out what style crystal chandelier works best in your home, and then find the perfect spot to hang it!

Modern Crystal Chandelier Design Decor

If you have a modern home with clean lines, a contemporary chandelier will work best to compliment the look of your space.  Contemporary chandeliers have simplistic lines and crystal shapes that set them apart from traditional chandeliers, yet they still pack a major "wow factor" punch.  Modern crystal chandeliers are generally best suited for use as interesting dining room lighting or above the kitchen island, as their streamlined shape compliments the rectangular shapes that are common in these spaces.

Traditional Crystal Chandelier Design Decor

Traditional chandeliers have always been, and will always be, a beautiful staple of home decor.  Traditional crystal chandeliers are delicate and ornate at the same time, and will work in homes with varying decor styles.  From vintage to rustic to eclectic decor, it is quite easy to mix in a traditional chandelier.  In a large scale these chandeliers look stunning in grand spaces such as double height entry ways or living rooms.  The smaller, more delicate chandeliers are perfect accents for a reading nook, hallway or bathroom.

Buy Crystal Chandelier Modern Traditional

Whichever look you are going for, you can find the perfect chandelier for you!

Image credits: Via Allison Rosenberg on Pinterest