Restyle What You Have to Make a Crochet Outdoor Tent

Getting a new look can cost you nothing. How? Restyle what you have! By reusing items around the house and yard you can instantly change the look of a space and be kind to the environment.

I seriously can’t get over the reused crochet afghans re-purposed as a tent. Ingenious, colorful and the perfect getaway in your own backyard. Kids will love it and it could be a chic shady spot for a hot summer afternoon.

Restyling Furniture for Getting a New Look

The easiest way to restyle is to move things around. Take a look at the living room above. By simply moving items around you can re-purpose function. Don’t need a workspace in the living room anymore? No problem, out it goes and an antique chest can be displayed for guests.

Adding color and pattern can easily happen if you reuse pillows, throws and even lively sheets or blankets wrapped around a plain cushion. Voila! Turn a bland room into an exotic locale.

Get a New Look By Bringing the Outdoors Inside

Another great find are items from the yard. From adding cuttings in a vase and glass top tables to reusing planters and outdoor light fixtures, you can infuse any room with a touch of nature. 

Restyle What You Have for DIY Artwork

Art can set you back serious money unless you learn to be creative. Kids rooms tend to be the easiest as inspiration is everywhere. While I have seen skateboards mounted to wall sin the past, I have never seen a toy train set wound around a wall creating an amazing art installation.

Reusing Found Objects to Restyle What You Have

Found objects should also be considered when restyling your home. Could there be anything cheaper that a pile of cardboard? How fantastic does that end table look? Genius. Also look for extra lamp shades that can be adorned with ribbon, or plain boards that can be painted and reused as desks and sideboards. The options are endless and the cost minimal, so fear not the restyling of your abode.

Photos: Katiedid, Manhattan Nest.