What's your bedroom decorating style - Bright White, Global Color, or Moody Drama? These 3 bedrooms for the ladies are all vastly different and very stylish, and it's the bedside table lamps, plush home textiles, and unique accent mirrors that give each space its individual flair. Read on to find your bedroom style!

BRIGHT WHITE: Having white walls in your bedroom gives you a blank slate to work with, and keeps the room light and airy — if that's what you are going for. We love how blogger Cassandra Lavalle styled her bedroom — mostly white with black, gold and her signature kelly green pop.

Shopping Guide: White Nail Button Border Headboard Bed; Leaf Throw Pillows; Black Table Lamp; Antique Gold Oval Wall Mirror. Credit for bright white image: Rue Magazine. Photography by Belathee Photography. Design by Cassandra Lavalle.

GLOBAL COLOR: For the traveler or more adventurous decorator a bright global color palette will make a statement and be sure to put a smile on your face when you enter your room. Display items you've collected from trips, and pair with global patterned pillows, a bright blanket and accessories.

Shopping Guide: White Wall Mirror; Surya Tristen Red Throw Blanket; Set of 2 Safavieh Calycopis Moroccan Accent Pillows; Butterfly 13" Square Silhouette Wall ArtCredit for global color image: Rue Magazine (November 2012 Issue). Interior Design and Styling by Kelley Moore. Photography by Michelle Drewes.

MOODY DRAMA: For a more moody dramatic look, monochromatic grays and neutrals with black and white will do the trick. We love this black reactive glass lamp, it's so unique and will be sure to set the mood. Pair it with a modern side table and an orchid for a bit of feminine flair.

Shopping guide: Flynn Mercury Black Reactive Glass Table Lamp; Faux Orchids in Black Floral Pot; Bachelor Driftwood TV TableGlobal Bazaar Dunes Gray Throw Pillow. Credit for moody drama image: Rue Magazine. Styling by Laina Navarro. Design by ID810 Design Group. Photographed by Emily Anderson.

So - what's your bedroom decorating style?