Flower Decor Ideas with Daffodils

Yesterday the daffodils started blooming in the yard. Which got flower decor ideas blooming in my head!

Tiny little flowers poking their heads up toward the sun.....ready for spring.

Absolute perfection.

And while I adore flowers in the garden......truthfully.....decorating with flowers inside the house is a lot more fun.

I'm not just talking fresh flowers in a vase.

I'm talking flowers everywhere....on the wall, on fabrics, on furniture and on the floor.

And the best part?

No more weeding!

So if you adore flowers like I do....here's some fun ways to incorporate them into your home decor.


Blue and White Room with Flowers

1.  Take a seat

Why not add a statement chair or floral-patterned ottoman?

Combine neutral floor coverings and a mix of patterned accessories to truly make the chair a stand-out.

If an all-over floral pattern is too much of a commitment....choose a more neutral chair material and add a slipcover for spring.

Large Floral Wall Decoration

2.  Hang it up

I adore big pictures.

They truly make a room your own.

Choose graphic images of flowers to add a modern feel to a neutral space.

Or warm up a reading nook or hallway with contemporary floral wall art and a pop of color.

Decorating with Floral Area Rugs

3.  Don't tread on me

A floral area rug is an easy way to change the look of a room completely.

Transform your space from neutral to colorful and whimsical or classic and streamlined....all with a little color underfoot.

If you have wood or tile floors....an inexpensive option for a room is an indoor/outdoor rug.

These rugs are so easy to clean and perfect for a busy lifestyle.

Blue and White Living Room with Floral Curtains


4.  Look out that window

Grow a garden inside and out with colorful floral fabric at your windows.

Choose from vibrant floral patterns with bold colors and hues to whisper-soft fabrics with subtle textures and dainty flowers.

Then compliment the flowers at the window with a beautiful arrangement of flowers in an elegant crystal vase for the perfect spring addition to any room.


Growing season has started.

It's finally spring!

Flower decor ideas are in full bloom over here - what's blooming at your house?


Photo credit:  Picture 1:  Thistlewood Farms Picture 2:  bhg  Picture 3:  bhg Picture 4:  Decoration Channel  Picture 5 :  bhg