Ceiling Fans in Different Styles

Ceiling fans are coming back into style. Words I’m not sure I thought I would write or say a few years back. I must say I have been converted to the functionality and style of fans - plus it doesn’t hurt that they cool things down on a sweltering day.

Summer is almost here so it may be time to consider upgrading existing fans or adding them to lower energy bills. The ceiling fans from Lamps Plus cover a wide range of popular features like remote control and energy efficient models. However, as a designer, I’m more concerned about how they look!

Tropical Style Ceiling Fans

Tropical style ceiling fans are chic in warmer climates and in veranda settings. I would probably use them when ceilings are high as the blades tend to be larger and may look “de trop” in smaller rooms. Also, tropical fans with lights create a casual atmosphere and allow you to enjoy the outdoors at night.

Ceiling Fans with Modern Style

Modern fans offer a sleek version of the old classic. The more aerodynamic styling makes them on the one hand disappear and on the other so aesthetically attractive you want to stare! Look how fabulous they look even when the decor is not minimalist.

Classic Style Ceiling Fans

The classic ceiling fan is timeless. I would, however, match the color of the fan to the ceiling as seen in the images above. If you want the look of a bygone era, this is the fan for you.

Retro Style Ceiling Fans

Retro style fans are so cool they’re hot. OK, seriously? Taking the look of an “old school” tabletop fan and converting it to a ceiling model is genius. I couldn’t love this design more and secretly wish my central air would falter so that I could buy one.

Ceiling fans aren't limited to the indoors either - a stylish outdoor ceiling fan is the perfect addition to a covered porch, patio, or sunroom. 

Photos: Habitually Chic, House of Turquoise.