Colorful Patchwork Pop Style

Anything goes when it comes to patchwork pop style. While patchwork pop may look totally haphazard, there is a method to this madness. I see it and describe it as Sixties Pop meets Woodstock Hippie.

Although it appears that items are simply tossed together like a giant salad, Patchwork Style is still a style. You can’t cheat it! Broken down flea market furniture and paint by numbers art will not look stylish no matter how many times you try to convince yourself.

Eclectic Design Patchwork Pop

Furniture must still be first rate and never too worn. After all Pop, is defined by fresh and crisp color. Color can come not only from furniture but by lighting as well. Whimsical chandeliers can infuse color into a room as can replacement shades.

Woven Rugs in Patchwork Pop Style

The Hippie portion of this look can be introduced through textiles and floor coverings. Woven and colorful rugs can help define your room and is a good backdrop for monochromatic furniture, whether white or saturated with color. What I like about all of these rooms is that they exhibit unique and quirky objects but don’t look junky because they are placed in clean and simply painted white rooms. Everything has it’s place and doesn’t fight with the other one-of-a-kind objects.

Pop Art Home Decor

Here's how to get the look of colorful patchwork pop style at home: 1. Red Velour Lounge Chair (currently unavailable - shop simiar red contemporary chairs here) 2. Glossy Yellow Side Table 3. Scatter Giclee Shade 4. Liora Manne Visions II Ikat Diamonds Red Area Rug 5. Fizz Collection Polished Chrome Chandelier 6. Vicart II 16" Wide European Contemporary Wall Art

Photos: ECLECchic.