Wedding Gift Ideas of Vintage Home Decor

With the end of June comes wedding season and its tricky questions of etiquette, how to dress, when to arrive for cocktail hour, and thinking of wedding gift ideas! A gift of home decor is always welcome whether the couple is joining households after the wedding or whether they have been living together for years. Many couples today register for gifts, but if you pay attention to the bride and groom's taste then any thoughtful present feels right. 

Glamorous Home Decor Gifts for a Wedding

Inspiration often comes from the wedding itself and can be a great way to honor memories of that special day! A couple that collects vintage may appreciate vases or table lamps with a handmade feel, while those who incorporate a more glamourous sensibility into their nuptials will like metallic or mirrored home accessories.

If you're celebrating the marriage of a pair who loves all things traditional, think of wedding gift ideas with damasks and brass that complement their florals and table settings. No matter what their style piece for their abode signifies wishes for future joy and blessings! 

Traditional Home Decor Gift Ideas for a Wedding

Shopping Guide: 1. Mail Sack Jute Throw Pillow 2. Rope and Glass Table Lamp 3. Hand Blown Glass Vase 4. Blush Metallic Floral Throw Pillow 5. Color Plus Mercury Glass Table Lamp 6. Polished Nickel and Glass Vase 7. Black Damask Throw Pillow 8. Brass Pineapple Table Lamp 9. Red and White Porcelain Lidded Jar

Images: Lamps Plus Guest Blogging Pinterest