Retro Desk Lighting

Retro desk lighting can take many forms and be interpreted in many ways. I happen to like going with lamps in a darker-toned classic metal, exhibiting a light dusting of dumpster dive patina. There are ways to get modern lamps that look retro saving you time hunting around flea markets and endless auction sites. Lamps Plus has a wide array of classic lighting designs that will create an instant retro feel to any workspace.

Vintage Lighting Inspiration

Thankfully, modern desk lamps will throw off enough light to actually get some work done and look good at the same time. While the images above show retro work spaces and lamps,retro desk lamps can look great in simple contemporary rooms. The aged appearance and lines of a timeless desk lamp can look almost sculptural on a clean-lined desk in a white room. Retro-style lighting can still be energy efficient - just look for LED table lamps in retro styles.

Along with using retro-style lamps on traditional desks, they can also add style to a bedside. After all, don’t we love working on the old laptop in bed? Who knew the old nightstand was the new desk?

Retro Style Desk Lamps

Shopping List: 1. Robert Abbey Astro Brushed Chrome Desk Lamp 2. Jamie Young Large Steampunk Table Lamp 3. Kichler Cylinder Bronze Finish Desk Lamp 4. Kenroy Hanger Antique Brass Finish Desk Lamp 5. Draper Mid-century Modern Desk Lamp 6. Benza Bronze Adjustable Architect's Desk Lamp

Photos: New Victorian Ruralist, Style Saloniste.