Cacti Dining Room Centerpiece

Whether it's the warmer weather, or the revival of mid-century style, decorating with cacti has become an extremely popular trend in home decor! Gone are the days when grouping plants were associated with grandma's bad decor decisions! The succulent rage has taken over and decorating with are spiny friends has never been hotter!

Living Room Cacti Display

The easiest way to get the look is to dedicate a place in the home, be it a shelf or window sill, to show off your plant collection. It's when you have greenery all over the place that it becomes more of an unsightly jungle inside, rather than an intentional vignette.

Cacti Arrangement in a Sunroom

Another thing you'll want to keep in mind is to vary the plant species. Look for different shapes and heights, as well as varying shades of green. It's fun to add a cactus that has a beautiful flower to break up the green monochromatic look!

Decorating with Cacti in Planters

1. Large Euro Box 12 1/2" High Square Planter 2. Set of 3 Natural Circular Planters 3. Bell Jar Terrarium 

Just as you want to mix and match the species when decorating with cacti, you also want to mix and match your pots! Think outside of terra cotta pots and go for a modern concrete or wicker planter! Baskets and glass bell jars are great to use because they will add an unexpected touch to your indoor garden. Plus, they have multiple uses around the house!

Image credits: Via Pinterest, Weekday Carnival, via Pinterest.