Make Small Spaces Look Larger

Making small spaces look larger can be tricky. On the one hand a small space limits what you can buy and display, yet on the other hand, it can feel cramped with only the most basic necessities. Here are some easy tricks to keep you from feeling like you are living in an episode of 'Hoarders'.

Wall Mirrors to Make Small Spaces Look Larger

1. Frameless Rectangular 40" High Beveled Wall Mirror

Use a wall mirror to visually expand the size of a room - depending on the position, a wall-mounted mirror may also keep you more sane by bringing in more light, whether from the sun or through the reflection of a dining room chandelier.

Accent Furniture to Make Small Spaces Look Larger

2. Langley Branch Round Gold Leaf Table

Leggy furniture will also help visually expand a room. When you show off more of a continuous floor you immediately make it feel more spacious. Keeping chairs, tables, sofas and even beds off the floor just enough to show the wood or carpet will make your room less claustrophobic.

Double Duty Furniture for Small Spaces

3. Santa Fe Java Stain Finish Dining Table  4. Dexter Rustic Java Acacia Wood Dining Arm Chair

Double duty furniture allows you to do more in less space. Why not have your dining table double as a desk? What about your dining chairs becoming guest chairs? Instead of one chandelier, use a few contemporary pendant lights over the table to create useful task lighting when working.

Kitchen Design for Small Spaces

5. Satin Nickel Pot Rack Chandelier

Finally, to make small spaces look larger, go vertical. By taking storage all the way up, you will tree floor space thus making your room feel larger. Additional shelves and pot racks may just be the ticket.

Photos: House and Home, Small Place Style.