Home Decor Inspiration - Summer Garden StyleThe lush blooms and greenery of high summer bring with them particular ability to spark the imagination, so if you're looking for home decor inspiration look no further than your nearest garden!

Summer Garden Decor InspirationThe great thing about inspiration is that it isn't a literal translation. You may have fallen in love your neighbor's rose arbor, but that doesn't mean you have to reupholster your sofa with chintz! A few interior elements that bring to mind classic British estate gardens may be just what your inner romantic needs.

Similarly, if the exotic appeal of a vine-covered Spanish hacienda speaks to you, look for colorful table lamps and unique wall decor that offers a similar Mediterranean sensibility. Finally, if a yard with wildflowers, moss, and stones has caught your eye, try incorporating a few unexpected and quirky touches in each room to echo the sense of organized chaos in a cottage garden.

Of course when in doubt, there's nothing like a vase of fresh flowers to bring the outdoor summer garden inside!  

Home Decor Inspired by a British CottageDesign Guide: 1. Antique Finish Openwork Mirror 2. Striped Outdoor Pillows 3. Ceramic Mosaic Lamp 4. Regency Eagle 31" High Gold Leaf Convex Wall Mirror  5. Midnight Floral Outdoor Pillows 6. White Porcelain Vase 7. Rustic Pine Mirror 8. Floral Outdoor Pillows 9. Green Porcelain Lamp