Back to School Lighting Essentials for the Desk

While kids usually don't want to sit down at a desk and get cracking on homework after a long summer off, dressing up their study space could help entice them to it.  Mixing function with design, these fun and distinctive desk lamps will surely be on your back to school lighting essentials list.

Back to School Clamp Lamps for Desks

Clamp lamps are a tried and true solution to get optimum desk light.  Give your clamp lamp a stylish upgrade with a bright color or a fun retro shape.  If you can't find a stylish clamp lamp, get one in white spray paint it your favorite color.

Pendant Lights for Desks


If you have a smaller workspace and need to save room, try hanging a fun pendant overhead.  You can find pendant lights that do not need to be wired and have an on/off switch, which makes for a super simple upgrade.  For younger kids pair together brightly colored pendant lights and for your older child try a fashion forward print.

Floor Lamps for Back to Schools

Inspiring your children to read more than just assigned books is a great way to inspire their minds and get them away from the computer and TV.  Make sure your kids have a good task lamp at the side of their bed, and utilizing a super stylish retro floor lamp will help to encourage the reading bug.


What lighting essentials will you be putting in place for back to school this year?

All Images: Pinterest