Kitchen Organization Ideas

Just between you and me....I daydream about kitchen organization ideas.


Maybe it's because I don't really like to cook.  

And I'm not really that good at it.

Pots and pans and baking sheets and measuring cups and colanders are all a little overwhelming to me.

So instead.....I organize.


I spend hours lining up the dishes and the plates and measuring cups and ingredients.

Everything is lined up and in it's place....ready to go...

....just in case I ever get in a cooking state of mind.

Here are some fun kitchen organization ideas I'm dreaming about.

Kitchen Organization Ideas Using Upper Cabinets

1.  Put it overhead

One of the best tips I have found for organizing a kitchen is to decide what you don't use every day....and put it into upper cabinets that are slightly out of reach.

Punch bowls or cake stands or party ware are organized and stored for when they are needed.

This leaves the counter tops free for a few fun accessories.

Re purposed Kitchen Island

2.  Re-purpose

Don't have a kitchen island?

Why not re-purpose a desk or a cabinet with storage to function as an extended work space in your kitchen?

Stack baskets filled with linens and add a simple hook for dish towels.

Here's a fun industrial console table I found with rustic flair that would add a classic element of design to any kitchen.

Kitchen Organization Ideas - Butlers Rack

3.  Add shelving

If you don't have enough cabinet space...add free standing storage to a wall with a stylish metal shelving unit.

Create a coffee bar, fill a glass bowl with fruit or stack your favorite dishes on display.

A leaning wood shelf is another great option for functional, stylish storage.

Vertical Kitchen Organization Ideas

4.  Go vertical

Never overlook wall space in your kitchen for organizing!

Hang a metal or stenciled pegboard to display your pots and pans and measuring cups.

Add a collection of trays for visual interest and create even more organization with wooden benches to complete the look.

See? Kitchen organization ideas are fun to think about! 

And easy to achieve with a little planning and inspiration.

So pull out those platters and trays and measuring cups....

....and take a moment for a little daydream.

Photo credits:  Photo 1: Thistlewood Farms  Photo 2:  Pinterest via Catlin Wilson Design  Photo 3:  bhg  Photo 4:  bhg  Photo 5:  bhg