I LOVE Rose Gold and I'm so happy to see it's an inspired home decor trend that's really blowing up everywhere. There's something different about it that I'm drawn to, and I love how it brings a pop of that 'certain something' to every space. I've wanted rose gold jewels more so than anything but they were pretty hard to come by up until the last few years. However, I've been seeing a lot of rose gold EVERYWHERE lately, much to my delight! I would love to try out some rose gold with my own styling projects, so I've been searching for some inspiration.

Rose Gold Living Room Decor

This rose gold wallpaper and rose gold wired coffee table looks so lovely with all of the neutral colors in this living room. It's actually a perfect way to soften up and add a little femininity to brown and tan decor. I love all of the cream accents too, it helps to break up the earthy tones and let the gold shine too. In a nut shell, drool-worthy!

Rose Gold Dining Room Decor

Look at that gorgeous dining room light fixture! It's the statement piece of the room and such a pretty color. It looks so pretty paired with the hardwood floors and bright big windows, and it's also somewhat of a chameleon piece that can fit in a lot of spaces. Having rose gold lighting and accessories is a great way to bring the trend into your place without it taking over. I'd love to use a rose gold desk lamp or have a few rose gold accessories in my bookcases.

White Wall with Rose Gold Dots

HELLO polka dots! I actually have a wall in my office that is covered with metallic silver dots, and I LOVE these rose gold dots just as much. They're so cute and fun, and an easy and quick way to add rose gold into your office. These would be perfect for creating an accent wall out of a plain white one or making over a boring piece of furniture.

Rose Gold Decor Curated by The Office Stylist

Naturally, when I'm obsessed with a new trend I end up drooling over pieces and putting together a list of home decor inspired by rose gold (like the one above). I really love the rose gold picture frame and rose gold tipped bowl. How amazing would they both look on a long dining table? Insta-glam! The candleholders are perfect for special occasions or to add style to an otherwise boring bookcase - the unique shape of them combined with the rose gold is SO luxe. And, of course, you can't go wrong with a fabulous mirror in rose gold!

If you're having a tough time finding more home decor in rose gold just do a search for copper instead. I noticed a lot of designers and manufacturers are using that term instead of the newer and trendier "rose gold."

How would you incorporate rose gold into your space?

Photo credits: Pinterest, Lamps Plus.