Just because the seasons are changing doesn't mean your summertime decorating efforts have to go to waste! Here's how to bring your outdoor decor inside for fall to give it a whole new life in the coming months.

How to Bring Outdoor Decor Inside for Fall

Small to medium outdoor fountains can be brought inside and used on a tabletop, or freestanding. This rustic cascading fountain has a bowl on top to hold foliage in the summer - why not decorate it for the holidays with some festive greenery and garland? A larger fountain can become a freestanding focal point in your room, like the example above from Elsie Interior.

An Outdoor Area Rug in a Foyer

Outdoor area rugs can work just as well indoors, and are great for high-traffic (and high-mess) areas like kitchens, hallways, playrooms, and foyers. Instead of packing them away for the winter, try re-using them inside your home. The burst of color and pattern might be just what you need to get you through the winter months.

How to Bring Outdoor Dining Chairs Inside for Fall

Finally, don't forget about your patio set! In a pinch, your outdoor chairs that sat on the deck in the summer can become extra seating during dinner parties (like in this photo from Better Homes & Gardens), and your outdoor patio table can be easily disguised indoors with a tablecloth.

From fountains, to area rugs, to tables and chairs, it's easy to bring your outdoor decor inside and give it a whole new life through fall and winter.