White Kitchen in the Farmhouse Look

I love the farmhouse kitchen style.

Good thing I live in a farmhouse.

There's just something about rustic and vintage and weathered and chippy..... topped off with a little charm.

Today's farmhouse style combines the elegance of classic lines with the functionality and purpose of a hardworking kitchen.

Kind of like Laura Ingalls Wilder meets Grace Kelly.

Here are a few ideas on how to add a little farmhouse to your decor.

Farmhouse Kitchen Style with a Chandelier

Start with the unexpected

Add a mini chandelier to a kitchen.

Or two or three.

There's just something about the combination of rustic and wood and painted furniture and white dishes and tarnished silver.....and a chandelier.

Shine a little farmhouse into your kitchen today.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decorating Inspiration

Get it out in the open

Display your collections on bookshelves or hutches on open shelving.

Stack dishes or glassware next to a topiary or mixing bowls.

Let your everyday become special when placed on an open shelf.

And then add a spectacular domed cake plate....to make your farmhouse kitchen truly sparkle.

White Farmhouse Kitchen with an Oversized Clock

Simple yet elegant

The key to farmhouse style is combining simple barstools with clean lines covered in white slipcovers with a patterned brick floor.

Draw the eye upward with an over-sized clock or a vintage sign.

It's the juxtaposition of these different looks that makes farmhouse kitchen style work.

Mismatched Stools in a Farm House Kitchen

So whether you live in a city high rise or on the rolling hills of the countryside....

....why not embrace the farmhouse kitchen style?

Vintage and chippy mixed with crystals and slipcovers and barn wood.

Perfect for creating your own elegant "Little House on the Prairie."

Photo credits:  Photo 1: bhg  Photo 2: Hvitur Lakkris  Photo 3:  Country Living  Photo 4:  Country Living Photo 5:  Country Living