Home Decor Inspired by India - Part 1

Home Decor Inspired by India - Part 1 - Color!

There are few places that evoke such a wonderful feeling about the use and application of color as India.  Even someone who fears the use of color can be inspired by images of color in India.  From architecture to cooking to fashion, color is everywhere.  Here are some amazingly beautiful images from India and some tips how to incorporate the colors of India into your home decor.

Home Decor Inspired by the Colors of India

Start by bringing a few bright pieces into your space like a patterned throw blanket or brightly colored pendant light.  These small touches will bring a whole new sense of fun and color inspiration to an otherwise bland room.   Don't be afraid to take chances with design - how beautiful are these inspiration color-filled photos from India?  Just make sure to accent with complimentary colors and you've got it made.


1.Red Chest 2.Orange Lantern 3.Yellow Acrylic Pendant 4.Royal Blue Wall Mirror 

5.Chevron Throw Pillows 6.Crushed Velvet Accent Pillow 7.Blue Tray Table 8.Orange Glass Wall Sconce

Do you like the bright colors of India?  What colors are you going to incorporate in your home decor for some international flair?

All Images: India Pinterest Album