Travel Destinations as Design Inspiration - Europe

Travel destinations can change your life and offer new perspectives on how you view design. Inspiration is abound everywhere in the world, and this post is the first of two showing the design influences of other cultures. I have chosen European countries in this installment: France and Scandinavia. Both are vastly old yet offer very different inspiration when it comes to interiors.

French Architecture

While France is certainly a modern country, their design sensibility has remained a touch more formal and rooted in tradition. The revolution did very little to sway the classic lines of a delicious bergère chair or Versailles-inspired opulent mirrored side table, and for that we should be glad. There is something truly elegant in everything they do, whether it’s pastries or an ornate crystal chandelier.

Travel Destinations as Design Inspiration - France

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Scandinavian Interiors

Northern European countries that make up Scandinavia are just as old as France but have historically had a more modern approach to interiors. Even as early as the 18th Century, Scandinavian design has had a simplicity of form and color as can be seen in the above image.

Travel Destinations as Design Inspiration - Scandinavia

Perhaps it’s due to the long, dark winters that have resulted in Scandinavian’s love of brighter, stark white decor and simple but elegant lighting. Regardless, there is a freshness to Nordic homes that seem unencumbered by the past. I love that the traditional Scandinavian exteriors mask a “shock of the new.” Don’t be fooled though - this minimalism can still reflect beauty and craftsmanship.

Scandinavian Home Decor

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These two travel destinations in Europe - France and Scandinavia - just barely scratch the surface of the design inspiration that's bursting from overseas countries. If you need a new perspective on design, may I suggest hopping on a plane?

Image Credits: Habitually Chic, Style Saloniste, Victor Blogg.