Autumn interiors can be interpreted in many ways. Some of the more obvious looks include orange-colored everything, leaves scattered about and pumpkin spice candles on tabletops. But, there are other unique fall home decorating ideas that are less literal and that look terribly chic. I was inspired by some images I found on the blog Belgian Pearls that made me think about autumn interiors in a more organic way.

Natural Interiors

The fall seems to be a time when we welcome natural and organic items into our home such as gourds, wood for fires and fruit for cooking. I love how these images highlight natural decor such as linen, roughhewn earthenware and woods. A cozy fire or soft lighting from traditional table lamps can round out the look. Even something as simple as a spool of thread, artfully displayed, can become a work of art and add a unique touch to your fall home decor.

Traditional Decor

Speaking of fires, make sure your autumn home has ample wood storage. Whether it’s a basket, a canvas carrier or metal caddy.

The natural autumn home should also have pale, soft furnishings like pillows, throws and bedding in cream, gray and subtle plaids. This color palette is a great transition from pale summer colors like watery blues! Additionally, elegant light fixtures above the nightstands will compliment the fall bed.

Fall Home Decor

Shopping List: 1. Jamie Young Barley Twist Natural Wood Table Lamp 2. Rope Handle Basket Fatwood Caddy 3. Woolrich Oak Harbor Brown Neckroll Pillow 4. Natural Finish Solid Wood Dining Table 5. Malibu Natural Linen Wingback Chair 

Image Credits: Belgian Pearls.