5 DIY Tray Project Ideas

I heart trays … from lacquer to brass to wood. And DIY decorative trays that you make yourself are even better.

They corral clutter and everything looks more important when it’s perched atop a tray.

I love finding vintage silver platters (tarnish and all) and scattering them around the house to hold everything from an alarm clock and books on my bedside table, to a silver creamer set filled with cotton balls and lip gloss in my bathroom.

Decorative Silver Tray on a Nightstand

Can’t find the perfect decorative tray? Whip up one of your own.

I made this fun chevron tray from an old window I found in my neighbor’s dumpster. You can see how I made it at Eclectically Vintage.

DEcorative Tray DIY from Eclectically Vintage

What’s more classic than leopard print? Sanity Fairy paired it with a Lucite tray and now she has the chicest tray in town.

DIY Lucite Tray with Leopard

Turn a boring wooden tray into something special with strips of colorful paper like this one made by Fellow Fellow. Breakfast in bed will never be the same.

Decorative Tray DIY Idea

Scour your sofa for loose change to make this cute penny tray from Being Brook. She poured a clear acrylic on top so it’s sooth as glass and perfect for a glass or two of wine.

DIY Tray Idea Using Old Pennies

I was lucky enough to find a ton of vintage wooden soda crates for free recently! Once I clean them up, they’ll be making their way into my house for tray duty like this one from Hello Lidy.

Repurposed Crate Used as a Decorative Tray

Get creative and make a DIY decorative tray or two…or three.

Image credits: Eclectically Vintage, Eclectically Vintage, Sanity Fair, Fellow Fellow, Being Brook, Hello Lidy.