Wall Sconces

Lighting should always be layered within a room, and the many styles of wall sconces in particular are an ideal way to add that layering with style. Decorative wall sconces are functional and offer different kinds of light depending upon the type of shades, bulbs and materials you choose. 

Stylish Wall Lights

Wall sconces are an appropriate lighting choice for virtually every application both inside and outside your home. Lonny Magazine had a wide selection of images that show the functionality and high style that wall sconces offer. I love the sheer volume of choices! From glamorous dressing room sconces dripping in crystal to artisan glass sconces for outside, the options are endless.

A hot trend in lighting is filament bulbs (also known as Edison bulbs) that have an old-school feel. While they are chic, they are best used as ambient lighting since they will not offer much direct light. Furthermore, darker shades on sconces will also limit the light. Those choices are great for additional mood lighting in halls and living rooms.

If brighter light is needed, try exposed bulbs, added crystal drops or a shiny surface like chrome. A key spot for much needed light is in the bathroom. Beautiful bathroom lights are a necessity and are something you will use every day so be mindful of picking a great style that functions well.

Traditional Wall Sconces

1. Jonathan Adler Ventana Nickel Plug-In Wall Lamp 2. Arlington Double Light Nickel Wall Sconce

Classic sconces are elegant choices for bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. Look for finishes like brass, crystal, and chrome.

Contemporary Wall Sconces

3. Industrial Cage Dark Rust Wall Sconce 4. Holtkoetter Bernie Turbo Bronze LED Swing Arm Wall Lamp 

Hot trends in lighting, like industrial and minimally-styled sconces, are just a couple of the many styles of wall sconces available. Remember, a sconce is the perfect opportunity to make a unique design statement.

Image credits: Lonny.